34 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

Meet the Media: Theresa Christine, Travel Writing, Pitching Freelancers + Aperol Spritz

Today’s guest is Theresa Christine, freelance travel writer, podcast host, and photographer. With bylines in outlets such as Lonely Planet, Forbes, LaPalme Magazine, Huffington Post, Insider and many others, Theresa writes about topics spanning from global women’s issues, to interesting locals, couples’ travel, design, festivals like Burning Man, entrepreneur and small business profiles, and more. In short, Theresa helps national travel publications tell the lesser-known, unexpected, and touching stories of a given location.Highlights:Theresa explains how she initially found her way into freelance writing: she started out blogging about travelling as a hobby and then slowly but surely it became her full time jobIn order to be a freelance writer, it’s not necessary to have a journalism background: as long as you have great writing skills and know how to pitch and catch an editor’s attention, you’re good to go!Thanks to her incredible work,Theresa has landed incredible placements such as Lonely Planet, Forbes, and many others and she reveals how she managed to get those,When pitching an editor, it’s key to rely on the previous content they published, to make sure that what you’re talking about is truly aligned with what they are looking forTheresa gets pitched everyday, and she reveals her personal preferences when being pitched that are extremely applicable to anybody who wants to pitch someone in the best way possible. Aside from freelance writing, Theresa also is the host of “The Wild and Curious Podcast”, an intersectional feminism travel and culture podcast, which allows people to experience the culture of a place through the eyes of different women. To learn more about Theresa, reach her at her website, follow her on Instagram or check out “The Wild and Curious Podcast”Interested in learning more about Pitchin’? Follow me on Instagram or book a  Discovery Call here.
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