49 minutes | Sep 9, 2021

Pinstripe Alley Podcast Ep. 142: Jeter to Hall, Yankees to Hell

As noted on last week’s podcast, Kunj is on the other side of the world this week and avoiding Yankees baseball while soaking up the sun. That turned out to be a blissful plan, as he’s missed a disastrous pair of series between the weekend loss to the Orioles and the current Blue Jays bludgeoning. The Yankees have already lost their Wild Card lead on Boston and will be a mere half-game in front of Toronto if they don’t rally to avoid a four-game sweep today.Not content to suffer alone, Andrew roped former Beyond the Box Score editor and PSA scribe Matt Provenzano into discussing the frustrating past week with him. (He's clearly quite kind.) The two talked through the Yankees’ slump, from the suddenly-sputtering bats to the pitching staff that’s just trying to hang in there. The bullpen’s gassed, and that’s not helping matters one bit. A constant theme of the episode touched on the Yankees perhaps facing a crossroads in the near-future with all the names on paper failing to live up the resumes. It’s tough stretch.In lieu of the “Meet a Baby Bomber” segment though, Andrew and Matt turned to the bright side “Met a Hall of Famer.” Derek Jeter was enshrined in Cooperstown yesterday, so they took the opportunity to talk about the ceremony a bit before playing armchair psychologist on why some fans dig their heels in on the idea that Jeter “wasn’t good, actually.” The hottest takes are rarely correct. At the end, they wrap up with the Yankee and Mitre of the Week, and boy, were there not many candidates for the former. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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