51 minutes | Nov 13th 2018

Episode 62: Sustainability in life and entrepreneurship

I’m so excited to have such a special guest with me today! Kelsey Jorissen seems like she has done it all-photographer, actor, entrepreneur...and a farmer?! Kelsey is a living example of envisioning success, following dreams, and living the life you dream of. In this episode, Kelsey shares how she got to where she is today, and how sustainable business practices can not only help transform your business but also your day to day life. I’ve learned so much from talking with her and that’s why I’m super excited for her new book coming out November 23rd! It’s available for preorder and make sure to listen until the end to catch a special offer code for Pinegate Road listeners! Head on over to www.greenwillowhomestead.com/books to grab a copy today! Enjoy!