56 minutes | Nov 3rd 2020

episode 67 : emi eu of STPI – creative workshop & gallery

In this episode of pine|copper|lime Miranda speaks with Emi Eu, the executive director of STPI — Creative Workshop & Gallery in Singapore. STPI is a global leader in contemporary printmaking and works on paper, creating unique and quality artworks in collaboration with leading artists from around the world. In this episode we talk about the history of STPI, its incredible facilities including Asia's largest paper mill, STPI as an “artist rehab”, as well as notable artists that have been through their doors. We also learn how Emi came to STPI and the journey of building the reputation of the institute from uncertain early days to being the first art gallery in Singapore to participate at Art Basel. STPI Website https://www.stpi.com.sg/ STPI on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/stpi_gallery/ PCL GIVEAWAY https://www.instagram.com/pine.copper.lime pine|copper|lime website www.pinecopperlime.com pine|copper|lime instagram www.instagram.com/pine.copper.lime pine|copper|lime print gallery www.pinecopperlime.com/print-gallery ✨pine|copper|lime patreon✨ www.patreon.com/pinecopperlime West Virginia University School of Art and Design's Printmaking Program artanddesign.wvu.edu APPLICATION FEE WAIVER CODE: GRWVU25 WVU professor Joesph Lupo on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lupo_joseph/ Our sponsor Speedball www.speedballart.com
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