21 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

Simple Ways To Plan For A Productive & Stress-Free Holiday Season (Rebroadcast)

Let's face it, the holiday season can be rough. As a creative business owner, there's a lot of pressure to hustle through the holidays. But what if we took a different approach and intentionally planned for a productive and low-stress holiday season? Today I want to share a few simples ways to survive the holidays while still being productive and stress-free This episode originally aired on November 14, 2018. Show Notes - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/42 This episode is sponsored by the Visionary Journal. The Visionary Journal™ is a day planner with vision. Encompassing everything you need to successfully achieve your goals, it seamlessly blends goal setting, visualization, planning your day to day, and regular review to help you get from idea to done. Learn more about the Visionary Journal by visiting - https://www.keepchasingthestars.com/ Links: Systems and tools training - https://www.brilliantsystems.shop/ Take the FREE info products quiz - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/quiz/ Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pimpyourbrilliance/ Learn more about PYB - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/
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