27 minutes | Nov 4th 2020

94: 4 Systems Mistakes That You Don't Want To Make

Recently I've been talking about systems and why creating them is an important part of your digital business. They are an essential but overlooked piece of the business pie. You need systems to grow. Today I'm sharing 4 systems mistakes that you don't want to make. I want you to bypass all of those newbie pitfalls and implement your systems quickly. Show Notes - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/94/ Links: Systems and tools training - https://www.brilliantsystems.shop/ Take the FREE info products quiz - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/quiz/ Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pimpyourbrilliance/ Learn more about PYB - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/
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