24 minutes | Apr 7th 2021

106: 5 Money Mindset Shifts You Need To Make

Money is such a loaded topic because we all arrive into adulthood with different stories or views about what money and wealth mean. This opens the door to so many feelings around the idea of making money as a creative business owner and worthiness when it comes to financial compensation. Seriously, think about some of the money messages that you received as a child. Which of those did you carry into adulthood? Probably more than you'd like to admit. Those early money messages set the stage for how you approach money in your business. Am I charging enough? Will people pay me for this? Are my clients going to think I'm a fraud because of what I charge? There's a lot to unpack and learning to slay your money dragons takes practice. The way that you view and interact with money is probably the biggest obstacle standing between you and your ability to run a successful and profitable business. In this episode, I'm sharing 5 mindset shifts that you need to make now if you want to earn more money in your business. Show Notes - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/106 Important Links: Become a member - https://brilliancelounge.com Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pimpyourbrilliance/ Learn more about PYB - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/podcast/
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