28 minutes | Mar 10th 2021

103: 5 Tips To Create Content That Sells

Likes and shares are cool, but sales are the real flex. Without sales, your business isn’t a business, it’s an expensive hobby. So why do so many creative business owners focus on creating content that generates likes and shares versus sales? Marketing involves a lot of content. Think about it. From podcasts to emails to TikTok, they all involve content creation. This is why your focus should be on creating content that helps presell your offers instead of pursuing vanity metrics. Likes and shares aren’t going to pay the bills. In this episode, I’m sharing 5 tips that will help you create content that sells. Show Notes - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/103   Important Links:   Become a member - https://brilliancelounge.com Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pimpyourbrilliance/ Learn more about PYB - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/podcast/
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