27 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

POWC #405 – 506(b) vs. 506(c)

Welcome to Pillars of Wealth Creation, where we talk about building financial freedom with a special focus in business and Real Estate. Follow along as Todd Dexheimer interviews top entrepreneurs, investors, advisers and coaches. In this episode, Todd and Matt talk about the differences between 506(b) vs. 506(c) in real estate syndications. Get your tickets to the Northstar Real Estate Conference here: https://northstarunlimited.live/nrec-2021/ Interested in coaching? Schedule a call with Todd at www.coachwithdex.com Connect with Pillars Of Wealth Creation on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PillarsofWealthCreation/ Subscribe to our email list at www.pillarsofwealthcreation.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/PillarsOfWealthCreation
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