29 minutes | Aug 2, 2021

Behind the scenes: How I Plan My Week

One of the wonderful things about being a business owner is the ability for you to have flexibility… except more often than not, studio owners are being pulled in so many different directions that it’s a challenge to even squeeze in your own workout!I’m a big believer in prioritizing the things that you enjoy, that you need to stay healthy and happy. Easier said than done - and that’s why we’re talking organizing, productivity and planning this week!Listen in and find out:The tips I’ve learnt from the productivity guru’s that might help you as much as they’ve helped meThe step-by-step of how I plan my week (for work and life - and workouts!)The one thing that helps me avoid total overwhelmWhy “having balance” is the biggest myth of allEnjoy!🙏 Thanks for listening! 🙏 ✨ FREE DOWNLOAD: Get 30days of social media captions for FREE - click here to access now!📲 Share your biggest takeaway on Instagram stories - snap a screenshot and tag @seran_spring_three❤️ Loved this episode? Leave a review - your review helps spread the word about the show and I read each and every one!🎧 Never miss a new episode! Be sure to follow or subscribe to stay up to date📝 If you have feedback or would like to be a guest on my show, please get in touch.Work with Seran:🌟 Join the Thrive Membership and get the support and accountability you need as you grow your business🌟Enroll in the Marketing Intensive and get everything you need to master your marketing and finally build a thriving studio businessLet’s get social:🤳 Join the Growing A Studio Business Facebook Community🎆 Follow Seran On Instagram🎉 Enrollment is now open for Thrive! 🎉 Learn more and join now: www.springthree.com/thrive
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