38 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

Psilocybin assisted therapy, mental health, and how we doubled the size of our company

It’s been a very long time since I have jumped on the Medgeeks podcast. But, every year I share and reflect everything I have learned with the community...and this year is no different!  This episode is heavily focused on mental health and the pandemic. Much of what I discuss today is based off my personal experience, which is what shaped the growth of our company.  Today, I’ll be discussing: The Pandemic My experience with psilocybin  Why I started therapy and how it’s helped shape Medgeeks How our company doubled in size and brought on many full time employees in a time when many businesses were laying people off. The #1 mistake PAs and NPs make after graduation The secret to being the absolute best clinician you can be 4 main takeaways I learned in 2020 that changed my life It’s my hopes that I can do my small part to help squash the stigma behind mental health. After all, my fiance is a marriage and family therapist :). At the end of the episode, I ask to see if anyone is interested in discussing business and/or personal growth. If that’s you, just click the link below to sign up. If there’s enough interest, I'll hold a free virtual session, where we can work together to help you get ahead. I have nothing to sell. This is just my way of giving back: https://medgeeks.co/business-talk Talk soon! - Andrew p.s. The future podcast episodes will not be like this. We’ll continue to focus on evidence based medicine to help you master medicine. But, it’s my podcast and I wanted to share haha. Happy New Year!
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