52 minutes | Aug 22, 2020

Wedding Photography Weekly 4

Members site: https://www.taylorjacksoncourses.com/members0:00 - Welcome1:00 - How To Submit Questions1:15 - $100 Image Challenge (Travel Image)1:50 - Canon R6 Vs. Nikon Z56:01 - Generating Elopement Leads7:47 - My New Wedding Day Bag…Maybe9:12 - The Questions9:24 - Video Autofocus11:35 - Fuji XT4 APS-C VS. Full Frame Look14:45 - Using Photos of Strangers in Your Portfolio16:16 - Sensor Dust, and Sensor Cleaning17:56 - Shoes for Male Wedding Photographers19:00 - Primes Vs. Zooms For Wedding Photography21:04 - Video, Manual Focus or Continuous?22:51 - Quantity of Photos Vs. Time Booked24:14 - Livestreaming Weddings27:44 - Do You Scout Venues?28:58 - Getting in With Local Venues31:31 - Elopement Course32:57 - Learning Photography Basics34:03 - How To Identify or Create a Creative Style36:56 - Starting Wedding Business from Scratch, What Would You Do First?37:44 - Marketing a Unique Wedding Photography Business41:11 - Can I Move To Canada?41:41 - Sony A7SIII + My Perfect Hybid Camera48:48 - Is the Nikon D610 Still a Good Camera?49:40 - Go Through Book More Weddings 2020 if You’re a Member!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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