42 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Mind Your Own Business: New Year, New Plans!

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today Skip and I have a detailed discussion about what photographers can do to make 2021 (and 2022, actually) better than ever. "Growth only happens outside your comfort zone" We discuss: The theme for 2021 is diversity in your specialty Diversity in your skillset Video and storytelling Clean up your website - bio and galleries Direct mail personal letter to all your clients Community involvement Keeping your website images fresh Online education Make yourself different from your competitors Polishing your online presence and looking good on camera for online meeting Your blog - More people are online than at any time in history - your blog has the potential to help you grow Be helpful Alliances/partnerships with other artists Use the phone - talk to people Special offers and promotions Considering new gear you need to grow Get outside! https://soundcloud.com/photofocus/mind-your-own-business-tom-curley-discusses-sowing-the-seeds-for-an-amazing-2021 You can be the next guest on our podcast Do you have an idea for a topic or want to hear from your favorite photographer or influencer in our industry? Send an email to skip@mei500.com or chamira@photofocus.com, with the subject line MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS IDEA. Then write a brief description of your topic or idea. If you are recommending someone, please include their name, contact information and state if you would like to be a guest host. Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to share this episode with your friends. You can also listen on iTunes; we’d love it if you could post a review!
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