27 minutes | Feb 3rd 2021

Interview with Michelle Crowther on how libraries and librarians support research - Ep. 10

In this episode, Rico and Eva interview Michelle Crowther. Michelle is the learning and research librarian for humanities and languages at CCCU Canterbury Christ Church University (Canterbury, UK) and PhD candidate in English Literature at CCCU. We discuss the work of a university librarian, and how librarians can support university students and researchers, on campus as well as in the digital realm. Listen to this week's episode to learn more about the work of a university librarian, how this work has changed over time, and abruptly due to COVID-19, as well as to learn more about the function of the physical space of the university library.See the library building at CCCU here. Check out the "Doing a Literature Review - Releasing the Research Imagination" by Chris Hart, as recommended by Michelle.
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