77 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

Episode 9 - Lifting the Curtains on the Publishing Industry - Red Flags to look out for! PART 2 of 2

This is the second segment of this extremely transparent topic where we share some of the red flags that we ourselves as authors have faced, as well as the stories that we have been shared over the years by other authors. These episodes are being shared to support you in making a more informed decision about your authoring journey. We want to encourage as many budding authors as possible to dip their toes into the big pond of being a published author. We want you to know that there are always choices and with us highlighting some of the red flags to be aware of, you will be embracing your own blissful authoring successes in no time.

In this episode, we go even deeper as we share more about the publishing industry, specifically looking into Hybrid Publishers like ourselves and sharing the criteria of Hybrid Publishers as outlined by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Find out more about how Carnelian Moon compares.

Carnelian Moon Publishing exists to support authors in having a blissful experience as they write publish and launch their book into the world. We invite you to join us as we explore the possibilities that are available to you on your quest to becoming a published author.

Wishing you blissful authoring success!

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