46 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Episode 8 - Lifting the Curtains on the Publishing Industry - Red Flags to look out for! PART 1 of 2

This is a juicy topic that we are so excited to share with you because we meet so many authors along our journey that have had non-positive experiences during their authoring journey. We are taking time out to share some red flags to look out for when your book dream becomes your worst nightmare! 

Carnelian Moon Publishing got started as a result of one of our Co-Founding Publishers, Debbie being overpriced for a book she decided was going to be published one way or another. She approached Judith, our other Co-Founding Publisher, and they came up with a solution to support authors around the globe to have a blissful authoring journey that was filled with integrity, transparency, trust, and an actual published book. Not all authors have this experience, and we are here to share from the heart how to avoid some of the pitfalls in the publishing industry and make your dream book a reality.

We invite you to join us as we explore the possibilities that are available to you on your quest to becoming a Blissfully published author.

Happy authoring!

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