24 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

Episode 7 - Meet the Author - Cathy Gagliardi, Children's Author

In today's episode, we have a Meet the Author segment where we share with you a beloved Children's Author, Cathy Gagliardi, from Ontario, Canada.  Cathy is celebrating her book launch of FOUR books: Bellyflies, I Love Icecream, Gonna Build a Boat, and Mother Love! 

In this episode, we introduce you to Cathy and share some of her unique insights and a portion of her authoring journey with you! 

We'll invite Cathy back to share more about her authoring journey because, as we all know, the road to success is NOT always easeful or straight, and Cathy has a uniquely beautiful story to share that new authors especially will resonate with.

Today's episode is all about celebrating the journey and stepping into the unknown while embracing your vision and trusting in the pathway ahead!

See all books by Cathy and purchase your copies today.

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