48 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

Duncan Rudkin on guiding the GPhC through a pandemic

I was very proud and grateful to get the chance to talk to the Chief Executive Officer of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Duncan Rudkin. Duncan was very generous with his time and we discussed a wide range of topics. Time was limited so we didn't get through all the topics I wanted to but we did cover lots of ground. We ran out of time and there are questions we did not get round to. Duncan has very kindly agreed toa answer these in writing so stay tuned. Areas explored include the following: What is the role of the GPhC and to who are they accountable? Is the current revalidation process fit for purpose to safely regulate independent prescribers? Is independent prescribing practice ahead of regulation? How do the GPhC standards guard against the risk associated with unconscious incompetence? Is the fitness to practise process in its current form fit for purpose? Do you think the experience of registrants that have gone through the fitness to practise process good enough? Is a person who supplies a COVID-19 rapid antibody test unfit to practise? Will the GPhC express opinions on other matters for example homoeopathy? Are the public at more risk now that inspections have been stopped due to the pandemic? What was the most difficult decision the GPhC has had to make during the COVID-19 pandemic so far?
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