30 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Amazon, digital dentistry and how community pharmacies fit

We recently had the pleasure of chatting to the founder and owner of Instant Dentist Aalok Shukla. Instant dentist is an innovative collaborative business that will help community pharmacies extend their digital impact but also deliver much earlier preventative dental care to people as they visit. We came back together to discuss the rapidly changing landscape of community pharmacy in the UK. Instant Dentist is one opportunity that pharmacy owners may wish to avail of but it is the 'tip of the iceberg' in terms of possible opportunities. Amazon Pharmacy has started to trade in the USA so the need to evolve is here like never before. Hopefully, this chat will give viewers and listeners some ideas on how to get started with incorporating digital activities into your pharmacy business. Aalok commented: "Through easy and affordable access to private dental care, Instant Dentist is the first dental wellness platform that allows you to manage your dental health in a way you’ve never thought was possible. Prevention and diagnosis from an experienced digital dentist is just a click away." We hope this podcast might give pharmacy owners across the country inspiration to extend into digital dental services if they have not already done so.
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