38 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

Vertostore CMO Talks Gen Z Trends, Culture and Influencers

Janice Ozguc is a proven technology executive and entrepreneur, driving business development, marketing and sales efforts from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She started her career in the arts, working at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her strong interest in art conservation led her into the science and technology fields. She ultimately transitioned from the arts to engineering obtaining a Masters in Electrical Engineering. After a successful career at major corporations including IBM, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi she consulted and was sought after by technology startups. Janice joined Octalica, a semiconductor start up, as the VP of Business Development and as a member of the executive team that led the company to a successful acquisition by Broadcom. Janice then founded, Artware, with the former CEO of Octalica. Artware developed mobile apps for the social photo sharing segment using a proprietary, patented technology. Theflagship product, layrs, had a successful run with over 3M downloads prior to the decision to sell the technology. Janice has worked with several startups developing business and marketing strategies, helping to obtain funding rounds and helping with efforts that have led to successful acquisitions. In the past years, Janice has been the Entrepreneurial Fellow at Boston University’s BUild Lab mentoring students on early stage star ups In the past year, she joined VERTO, a Gen Z exclusive ecommerce marketplace, as the CMO. Janice is playing an instrumental role helping the founding team grow the company including developing and implementing business strategies, landing key brand partnerships and training VERTO’s business development team.
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