27 minutes | Jan 8th 2021

The Surprising Death and Story of “New Bilibid King” Jaybee Sebastian - Part 1

As the Philippines is currently trying its best to survive COVID-19, the pandemic took nine inmates, including one of the most infamous and notorious criminals in the country. On July 18, 2020, Jaybee Sebastian, a critical witness that led to Senator De Lima's imprisonment and a high-profile inmate at the New Bilibid Prison, died due to complications caused by the coronavirus. He was cremated on July 19, 2020. However, many speculate that there is more about the surprising death of Jaybee Sebastian. SOURCES: https://www.phmurderstories.com/jaybee-sebastian-case.html SOUNDBITES ▸ DISCOVERY CHANNEL ▸ CNN PHILIPPINES WEBSITE ▸ https://phmurderstories.com PODCAST ▸ Spotify — https://spoti.fi/3iz2YI3 ▸ Apple — https://apple.co/2GmarNN SOCIALS ▸ Facebook — https://bit.ly/33xXEAm ▸ Instagram — https://bit.ly/33BL03r ▸ Tiktok — https://bit.ly/2F4a8pY ▸ Twitter — https://bit.ly/3no4jFq SUPPORT US ON PATREON ▸ https://bit.ly/3iNyiD0 DO YOU LIKE OUR PODCAST? SUPPORT US ON www.buymeacoffee.com/phmurderstories  through a one-time donation or by subscribing to our monthly exclusive content! FB DISCUSSION GROUP ▸ https://bit.ly/3lbKGOS For inquiries, email us: phmurderstories@gmail.com
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