16 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

The Abduction and Killing of Jee Ick-Joo - Part 1

The kidnap and murder of Jee-Ick Joo at the hands of the Philippine National Police are among the most significant controversies to hit in the country during President Duterte's controversial War on Drugs. Jee-Ick Joo, a South Korean businessman, and Marisa Morquicho, the house helper, was abducted together with Jee's Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) from his home in Friendship Plaza Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga, on October 18, 2016. On the same day, he was brought to Camp Crame, where he was strangled to death, cremated in a funeral parlor, and was flushed down the toilet by alleged policemen. SOURCES: https://www.phmurderstories.com/jee-ick-joo-case.html  WEBSITE  ▸ https://phmurderstories.com       PODCAST  ▸ Spotify — https://spoti.fi/3iz2YI3    ▸ Apple — https://apple.co/2GmarNN    SOCIALS  ▸ Facebook — https://bit.ly/33xXEAm    ▸ Instagram — https://bit.ly/33BL03r    ▸ Tiktok — https://bit.ly/2F4a8pY    ▸ Twitter — https://bit.ly/3no4jFq    SUPPORT US ON PATREON  ▸ https://bit.ly/3iNyiD0     DO YOU LIKE OUR PODCAST? SUPPORT US ON BUY ME A COFFEE ▸ www.buymeacoffee.com/phmurderstories through a one-time donation or by subscribing to our monthly exclusive content! FB DISCUSSION GROUP  ▸ https://bit.ly/3lbKGOS    For inquiries, email us: phmurderstories@gmail.com  
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