29 minutes | Oct 6, 2020

The Expanded Universe of Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

This year has been challenging for everyone. COVID-19 has taught us to “expect the unexpected” and industries across the world are needing to innovate to continue providing services for their customers. The veterinary medicine industry is no different. Lorien sits down with veterinarian, acclaimed speaker, and best selling author Dr. Jessica Vogelsang to learn about the innovations taking place in vet clinics across the country, from teletriage to curbside service. Dr. V shares her view on the “Expanded Universe on Vet Med” and what that means for pet parents today.Pet parents can access more of Dr. V’s resources at https://pawcurious.com/ and veterinary professionals can connect with her at https://drjessicavogelsang.com/
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