17 minutes | Jul 26, 2020

Modern Pet Identification & Licensing

On today's episode of Pet Lover Geek, powered by PetHub, Lorien talks with Jerrica Owen from the San Diego Humane Society in California. The two discuss what modern pet licensing looks like and the importance of a multi-level pet identification strategy.

In honor of Lost Pet Prevention Month, Lorien is talking with pet industry experts throughout July about the basics of lost pet prevention and recovery techniques and resources. PetHub started Lost Pet Prevention Month in 2014 to drive deeper conversations around all of the ways pet parents can prevent a pet from becoming lost, as well as how to get them home quickly if they go AWOL (Absent WithOut a Leash).

Learn more about San Diego Humane Society at sdhumane.org

Get more resources and tips about lost pet prevention and recovery at www.lostpetpreventionmonth.com

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