65 minutes | Nov 2, 2020

A Whole New World for Animal Shelters

In response to COVID-19, animal welfare organizations across the country are reimagining the role shelters play in supporting animals and people in their communities. We talk with three pivotal partners in the new movement: Human Animal Support Services, Panhandle Animal Shelter, and Greenville County Animal Care. Human Animal Support Services promotes collaboration between animal welfare professionals, animal services agencies and the communities they serve. Working together, HASS creates and shares resources including policies, tools, and training to create meaningful, institutional change, ultimately reducing shelter intake and the number of animals housed in animal shelters.In 2015, Panhandle Animal Shelter (Idaho) was experiencing a 15 percent increase in owner surrenders. The shelter decided to help pet owners in their community by creating a positive and proactive rehoming program called Home To Home™, a free program that allows pet owners to self-rehome their pet via an online platform hosted by the shelter. Within the first year of the program, they saw a 31% decrease in owner surrenders, and now the program is used by over 45 shelters. Greenville County Animal Care is a Tier 1 pilot program in the HASS initiative and quickly pivoted to focus on their foster program when the nationwide lock-downs happened last spring (more than 50 percent of their shelter population was placed in foster homes). Learn more about the HASS program and the work these shelters are doing to build stronger community resources for people and animals.Music featured in the episode:- Pet Lover Geek Theme by Ray Clemens-  Runaway by VESHZA- Eminence Landscapes by Ian Post- Where Were You by Evolv-  Cabana by Peter Spacey
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