15 minutes | Jan 29, 2020

When The Toxic Person Was Me

Yep. I am taking full self accountability on this one. I eventually realized at one point in my life, I was the toxic person. Often times, we like to automatically believe someone is attacking us and we're misunderstood but are we really? Sometimes we don't realize, as the old saying goes, "Hurt People, Hurt People" is a warning to a harsh life lesson. The one lesson where you realize you are NOT just being a charming butthole but really a broken emotional disaster, but don't fret. You are not alone and the sooner you find out, the sooner you can fix it. In this episode I talk about two very pivotal relationships in my life that helped to realize I played a role in being toxic too. There was a point people tried to accept my bad behavior for as long as they could, which now I realize they were trying to love me but the only one that could change and heal me, was me. View the, "Stop Doing Things You Don't Like" Collection here, https://www.lerouxart.com/shop Let's inspire one another to practice this daily mantra and motivate us all to creat our version of happiness and peace. 
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