33 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

CJ Affiliate on the Influential Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the win-win approach all brands should be taking with their influencers. By incentivizing influencer partners who already love your product, you gain access to influencers’ loyal and trusting fanbases. Affiliate marketing rapidly grows your brand’s customer base and establishes a personable rapport with your customers.

Despite its efficacy, affiliate marketing is often overlooked when brands develop their marketing strategy. But Gabrielle Pajer and Corinne Travis of CJ Affiliate, one of the most established companies in affiliate marketing, know that affiliate marketing has the power to influence and educate a consumer during their purchase journey, increase engagement and drive sales. 

On this episode of the Perlu podcast, they describe how they combine their experience in influencer marketing, audience targeting and content to help build brands’ presence across multiple channels and monetize content through affiliate marketing. Take a break from your work-from-home routine to discover how you can do the same!