86 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

Family Feud: Staff changes & one final look at USC's 2020 season

The podcasting trio of Shotgun Spratling, Keely Eure and Chris Treviño are back for another episode of the Family Feud Podcast. In this week's show, the group discusses USC's recent staff changes, Trojans who have left for the NFL, and officially close the chapter on the 2020 season. The Feuders take one last look at USC's six-game season with their classic podcast format, which includes Stock Up/Stock Down and Heard It on the Sideline. 

Chris then debuts a new segment called, "Transfer, Roster or Freshman." In this portion of the podcast, the trio take a look at the Trojans' recent departures and decide whether USC's coaching staff will have to fill their absence with - you guessed it- a transfer, player already on the roster or an incoming freshman. Keely and Shotgun then participate in Chris' signature segment: Take It or Leave It. 

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