82 minutes | Aug 2, 2021

Episode 234: The Times They Are A Change'n (And Other Bob Dylan Stuff)

The PAPcast crew is stumbling across the finish line! Actually, wait, Roman seems to be painting a fairly jaunty pace. Gosh that guy rules… Somehow Roman, Django, & Jeff found a way to make some time and chat about this weeks books (and a bit of last weeks also, since we had a skip-week). And I don’t want to spoil anything, but there were a lot of 10’s. Also, we make a very big announcement…

00:15:27 - Strange adventures #11

00:25:07 - Beta Ray Bill #5

00:36:47 - Superman Son of Kal-El #1

00:43:40 - Nightwing #82

00:51:56 - Icon and Rocket #1

00:57:55 - Skybound X #3

01:04:03 - SWORD #7

01:07:19 - United States of Cap #2

01:12:45 - Other History of the DC Universe #5

SPOILERS! Tread carefully dear listener, because we’re going to talk about what happened in these books. So maybe pause this, read your books, and come back. We’ll still be here!

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