31 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

Episode 203: Your Career is Like a Combination Lock

Very often, potential clients ask us: Can you tell me the steps to advancing in my tech career? Those are straightforward. It’s the same for everyone: Get crystal clear on your mission Build your excellence as a tech leader Evangelize your excellence Negotiate for your new Hell Yes position Celebrating landing that new badass job! Like a combination lock. What are the steps to unlocking one? Turn to the right to the first # Turn to the left past the first # to the second # Turn to the right again to the third # Open it And then you’re going to ask me: Great? What are the #’s? Ah, that’s the part I can’t tell you! Only YOU know the #’s to unlock your tech career. But we can guide you to find them. Here’s how! Don’t miss this episode!
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