16 minutes | Mar 1, 2020

Flaxintosh Poetry Corner

Season 3 Episode 20 It's another 'on the road' recording. What do Flaxintosh do on the road? I’d come across a poem that I wanted to share with Paul – we often use poetry in our training – this one was a magnificent metaphor-laden masterpiece by David Whyte – in turn – later in the evening, Paul shared his favourite poem over dinner. That’s what real men do when they gather – forget the hunter gatherer – we read poetry to each other. #realmensharepoemsinpubs Both poems fit so nicely with the theme that is fundamental to our training – the skill of noticing. Shownotes at www.rossmcintosh.co.uk You can follow the show at: Twitter https://twitter.com/PeopleSoupPod Instagram https://www.instagram.com/people.soup/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/peoplesouppod/ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ross-mcintosh-261a2a22/ Linktree - for links to many other podcast platforms and apps - linktr.ee/PeopleSoup
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