24 minutes | Feb 7, 2021

Ann Parkinson - Part 2

Season 3 Episode 42 P-Soupers, thanks for tuning in! This week, it’s part two of my chat with physiotherapist, coach and author, Ann Parkinson. In this part of the conversation we dive into Ann’s book, "Dancing Through Life: A guide to living well". We explore the golden thread of compassion that runs through it, chat about the frameworks Ann developed to support the reader, talk about the connection between body and mind and reflect that many people are sitting and working in different environments right now, like the kitchen table or even their bed. Reviews are in for Part 1 on my chat with Ann. I think Shelly Prosko from Canada summed it up beautifully. She said on twitter "Wonderful episode – such a lovely interview - Ann you are filled with insight, compassion and wisdom." Shownotes are at www.rossmcintosh.co.uk Connect with Ross and the show! Twitter https://twitter.com/PeopleSoupPod https://twitter.com/RossMcCOACH Instagram https://www.instagram.com/people.soup/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/peoplesouppod/ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ross-mcintosh-261a2a22/ Linktree - for links to many other podcast platforms and apps - linktr.ee/PeopleSoup And you can support the podcast by buying me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/peoplesoup
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