41 minutes | Mar 5th 2019

Simplifying the Overwhelming World of Benefits

The world of benefits can often be overwhelming. Tim Foot, VP of Experience at Slingshot Group, is joined by Louis Galucci from Missio Benefits and Chesed Berry from Slingshot Group to discuss benefits and how to make the process an enjoyable experience for your teams. How you communicate and what you communicate is vastly more important that what you are actually offering. If the staff doesn’t understand the benefits being offered to them, you are wasting your efforts and your investment.  This episode covers topics like how to communicate your benefits to your team so you don’t waste your money; what to focus on when communicating; how to get people to show up to the benefits meetings; the benefits of going digital; setting clear expectations; and coming up with strategies for the year. Discover ways to make open enrollment fun and avoid the headache of confusion.  www.missiobenefits.com www.slingshotgroup.org
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