40 minutes | Mar 17th 2019

HR Resources

Resources for churches and ministries are constantly growing and changing. It’s important to admit that you don’t know and can’t possibly know everything. Tim Foot and Cased Berry from Slingshot Group are joined by Louis Galucci from Missio Benefits to discuss the endless resources that are available to HR teams and how to utilize them best.  It’s important to be a student of human resources because the world is so often changing. Staying on top of new information, compliance issues, and laws will help you lead your team well. Resources like SHRM, HR Ministry Network and other websites will lend HR teams a helping hand in understanding the wide variety of topics they need to know. Community is also an incredible resource for support. Find like minded people in your position in your community to form groups to meet up, share stories, encourage one another, and help each other professionally. Even using tools like the Enneagram and other personality profiles can be an asset to your team in more ways than one! Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) https://www.shrm.org A membership program with access to compliance laws, HR advisors, webcasts and more. HR Ministry Network https://newspringnetwork.com/questions/hr Free HR resources for churches and ministries. Missio Nexus https://missionexus.org Missio Nexus engages people who serve within the Great Commission with ideas, events, and resources which propel the gospel around the world. Life Church open.life.church Free tools from Life.Church to expand your ministries from HR resources to training, life groups, and more. Myers Briggs https://www.myersbriggs.org/home.htm?bhcp=1 Personality test based on the 16 personalities developed by C.G. Jung that assess how individuals use their perception and judgement.  Strengths Finder https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/home/en-us/strengthsfinder An assessment helping individuals discover what they naturally do best, how to develop those talents, and how to apply that to everyday life.  Enneagram https://www.enneagraminstitute.com Based on 9 personality types, this assessment helps individuals discover more about their motivations, attitudes, and behaviors.  Discovering Insights https://www.insights.com/us/products/insights-discovery/ Insights Discovery seeks to increase self-awareness, and help people perform at their highest level.  The Gallup 12 Question Survey https://q12.gallup.com A brief survey to discover what matters most to your employees.  www.missiobenefits.com www.slingshotgroup.org
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