35 minutes | Mar 5th 2019

Benefits: What you Could & Should be Doing

Continuing the conversation on benefits from the previous episode, Tim Foot, VP of Experience at Slingshot Group, is joined by Louis Galucci from Missio Benefits and Chesed Berry from Slingshot Group to discuss what you could and should be doing in regards to benefits.  They answer questions like: How do you know if what you have is the right fit for your church or organization? Is what we’re doing making sense for us as a ministry and is it sustainable? How to review plans and know if they are right for you? How to utilize vendor resources? They discuss the importance of learning the concerns of the staff and how to add value for them, what is looks like to do benefits like the Body of Christ and some of the common mistakes that are made.  www.missiobenefits.com www.slingshotgroup.org
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