44 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

065 | You Can Hear, Hear Your Infectious Laugh

Frederick Van Johnson, owner, host and producer of This Week In Photo spends 40 minutes with John talking about his journey from Yahoo, through Apple and Adobe - before launching himself into the world of podcasting. Frederick took over a small streaming MP3 file and transformed it into a media property that includes a podcast with 2,000 episodes (and counting), a youtube channel, a newsletter with tens of thousands of subscribers and a community of people all over the world that pay every month to be part of this phenomena.You can find TWIP hereDuring the podcast, Frederick references a book called Pyscho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz - you can find it here.And finally, if you want to hear Frederick's podcast where he interviewed me, well that was such a great podcast that it is now behind his paywall and only accessible with a subscription. But it is there! - at least I assume that is why it is no longer on Public Domain 😂!
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