23 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

Mia Farrow addresses 'vicious rumors' about her late children, plus 'Clarice' co-creator Jenny Lumet on how her own trauma helped shape the show's revival

PEOPLE editor Breanne L. Heldman helps break down Mia Farrow's recent statement about her children in the wake of the controversial HBO docuseries ‘Allen v. Farrow,’ Real Housewives’ Jen Shah’s virtual court snafu, and the latest snaps from the highly anticipated Princess Di biopic starring Kristen Stewart. Then, Janine is joined by 'Clarice' co-creator Jenny Lumet to discuss how her #MeToo moment shaped her titular character’s story arc 30 years after Silence of the Lambs, her continuing struggles of being Black in Hollywood, and how she’s carrying on her family’s legacy.

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