24 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Starting with core values with Morgan Browne

Most companies that grow quickly experience some form of growing pains. It’s almost inevitable. But having a strong foundation of core values and a focus on company culture from the start can help make those growing pains a little less painful.

On this episode I had the opportunity to chat with Morgan Browne, President & Co-Founder of Oakwyn Realty. Morgan is on a mission to flip real estate upside down and provide a collaborative atmosphere where realtors feel safe and work together.

And it’s working.

Oakywn has gone from 10 agents to 500 agents and they’ve managed to hold onto that collaborative atmosphere due to their consistent focus on their core values.

Give this episode a listen to learn about the core values that enabled their success, as well as some of the growing pains they did face along the way.

About our guest:

Morgan Browne is a fierce and passionate partner at Oakwyn Realty. Co-founding the company in 2014, Morgan has nurtured Oakwyn Realty into Vancouver's fastest-growing realty brokerage. Morgan’s can-do attitude and passion for building make it possible for Oakwyn’s forward-thinking and expansion plans.  Driven to make a difference in the Canadian business community and embracing change in the real estate industry.

You can connect with Morgan on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/morgan-browne-97bb1710.

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