31 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

Meet, chat, or Volley? With Josh Little

Emails and messages and meetings...oh my! Nowadays there are so many different communication channels that it can be difficult to figure out which one to use in a given situation. Do you go synchronous or asynchronous? If you go asynchronous, do you send a message, an email, or a video? I wish it was an easy answer, but it really depends on who you’re communicating with and what you’re hoping to achieve with that communication.

On this episode, I was joined by Josh Little, the Founder & CEO of Volley which is an asynchronous, threaded video communication platform. We chatted about how some people are just better suited for asynchronous communication, how to deal with Zoom fatigue, and what the future workplace will look like.

About our guest:

Josh Little is the founder of four tech companies–Maestro, Bloomfire, Qzzr, and Volley–that have collectively been used by hundreds of millions of people.  His work has been featured in Tech Crunch, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes.  With two successful exits and third pending, he’s currently on a mission to save the working world from death-by-meetings with his fourth creation, Volley.

Depending on what circle you run in, you may know Josh better for his pickles, performances, or projects–as he is a 5th generation pickler, a classically trained singer, and a mechanically-minded YouTuber.

You can connect with Josh on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/littlejosh.

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