66 minutes | Dec 21, 2018

Bonanas For Bonanza Episode 2 Live at Peecast

Earwolf's very own Poet Laureate of the West, Dalton Wilcox is back with episode two of his podcast Bonana's for Bonanza. Dalton is joined by his favorite panel of experts, Mutt Taylor, Sally Jasper, Shunt McGuppin, Cubby Lauderbourne, and incompetent publisher of books, Russel Schein. Dalton and crew go in depth about Ben Cartwright's many dead wives, cattle theft, silver miners, and other goings-on on the Ponderosa. Finally, the show comes to a close with an amazing performance from The Journeymen. Special Guests: Matt Gourley, Betsy Sodaro, Mark McConville, Paul F. Tompkins, Jeremy Carter, Tony Thaxton, Daniel Michicoff, Shannon Locke, and Scott Passarella.
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