41 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Episode 6: A Tale of Two Hats

Do you like my hat? No? How about this one?In this episode, Sarah and Dan talk with three physicians who each wear two hats: palliative care and another specialty.Wynne Morrison (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) dons and doffs a PICU chapeau, Natasha Henner (Lurie Children's Hospital) wears a NICU cap, and Elisabeth Dellon (UNC Children's Hospital) is ready to switch from palliative to pulmonology and back at the drop of a... well, you get it.So what's it like to practice two specialties concurrently? And is this millinery metaphor really a feather in our cap or could we have topped it? Hang on to your hats as we throw Episode 6 into the ring!
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