43 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Episode 5: Loss in Translation

Hola, somos el equipo de cuidados paliativos!نحن مجموعة من الأطباء والممرضات والأخصائيين الاجتماعيين والقساوسة ، هنا لتقديم ......wait, how do you say "extra layer of support" in Arabic? And can I scan this POLST form into Google Translate?Welcome to Episode 5, in which Sarah and Dan interview two medical interpreters about the challenges and joys of interpreting in the pediatric palliative care setting. Daniela Obregón (@GetConnCare) is an independent Spanish language interpreter, translator, and cultural consultant, and Amani Zaki is an Arabic interpreter at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. What habits of clinicians drive interpreters crazy? What's it like to be the conduit for so much emotionally-charged language in family meetings? Listen and find out!
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