28 minutes | Mar 21, 2021

Episode 2: Special K

Ketamine: a no-drama drug? Hard to believe when so many clinicians seem scared to use it, but maybe we've all been thinking about this NMDA antagonist the wrong way.In this episode of Pedipal, Sarah and Dan pour themselves a heaping bowl of Special K as they sit down with two ketamine aficionados, Dr. Stephen Long and Dr. Anu Agrawal, from UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland. Follow us down the k-hole as we discuss pharmacology, gastronomy, and how to convince your hospital that it's okay give a 1980s club drug to children.Links to things we mentioned in the show:UCSF Oakland Ketamine Infusion Protocol: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W_BM-4T5ON_AECs8TJ2y65Y96ENE_scR/view?usp=sharingTheme music: "Sneaky Adventure," by Kevin MacLeod (2009)
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