27 minutes | Jul 25th 2019

Pediheart Podcast # 78: A Discussion With Crediblemeds.org Founder Professor Ray Woosley

This week's episode is our second 'co-branded' episode with the SADS Foundation (SADS.ORG) and we speak with the founder and director of Crediblemeds.org, Professor of Medicine Ray Woosley of the University of Arizona. Dr. Woosley speaks with us about how he started the first website dedicated to assessing the evidence for drugs' impact on the QT interval establishing a reliable and trusted website for clinicians and patients to visit to learn about possible drug interactions and their impact on LQTS and the QT interval in general. How was the site first conceived? What are the latest changes on the site? What are the plans for this work going forward? Is grapefruit juice really dangerous? Why does the site request that all have to sign up to access the site? Professor Woosley provides all the answers and more this week!
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