51 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

Pediheart Podcast #156: Neonatologist-Performed Echo For Hemodynamic Consultation In The NICU

This week we explore a recent work assessing the degree of anatomical concordance between neonatologist-performed echocardiograms and those by pediatric cardiology. What is the role of a hemodynamic consultation team in the management of the transitional physiology of the newborn? How do neonatologists use echocardiography in real time to help manage complex physiological problems of the newborn? What training is needed to do this and how does the neonatal team collaborate with cardiology to provide optimal neonatal physiological support and care? We speak with 2 experts to get the perspective of the neonatologist and cardiologist. Senior author and neonatologist Professor Patrick McNamara of University of Iowa and noted cardiac imaging expert, Professor Leo Lopez of Stanford University share their deep insights this week. doi: 10.1016/j.echo.2020.11.005
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