35 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

The French Payments Mystery | Son Nguyen

Welcome to Payments & More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. Today’s guest is Son Nguyen, who has over 15 years of experience in the French payment market with companies such as Vente-Privée and Oney. Son has extensive expertise in the Market & Business field and is passionate about innovation and user experience. With a background in Technology & Solution, he is a highly recognized Payment and Fraud Expert in the industry. Son, Senior Associate at Allyiz, has held multiple strategic advisory and partnerships roles as well as been involved in regulatory workgroups and professional associations. On today’s episode, Son share his insights on payments, fraud, e-commerce, and domestic players in France. Listen how Nico and Son dive into the secrets of the French market, starting with a description of the French card-based e-commerce landscape. E-commerce in France is very strong and is continuously growing. They have been very adamant about being the creator of the Carte Bancaire (CB). Son and Nico dig into the most popular initiatives in the country for alternative payment methods. Then, they discuss the dark side of payments in France: fraud. Son recommends merchants entering France, to be protected to avoid fraud. Tune in to hear what Son’s direct actions would be in the first 100 days as a French Regulator. The episode draws to a close on a personal note. Son’s experience with a prestigious French culinary school, an instance in which he experienced a career failure and the lessons he learned as a result. Timestamps: 0:38 - Son Nguyen introduced 2:32 - Son’s work with Vente-Privée and Oney 4:50 - Praise for Son 6:32 - France’s e-commerce landscape 8:46 - Biggest hurdle for foreign merchants dealing with France 12:13- Alternative payment methods emerging 16:23 - Charge only cards 18:10 - French payment technology 20:14 - Discussing fraud 23:13 - Golden minute 26:25 - Son’s experience with prestigious culinary school. 28:51 - Son shares a career failure 33:45 - Closing words Please rate this episode, share, and subscribe! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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