41 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Should Payments report to Treasury? | Rossini Zumwalt

Welcome to Payments and More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. In this episode, Nico chats with Rossini about how to deal with payments in complex markets, why having the payment function and finances is not a bad idea, and how to manage multiple stakeholder relationships in payments. Learn about the often-forgotten side of the costs of payment until margins are considered, and how this is dependent on whether payments are considered from a financial or sales perspective. Rossini shares her experience managing multiple payment providers and what her journey to creating such a large organization looked like. She chats about how there were millions of transactions being processed daily and how she considered them to be a revenue center, rather than a cost center. She goes on to talk about Symantec’s cost structure and the 2-billion-dollar figure she dealt with. As a payment provider, she’s seen it all. Listen to Rossini’s opinion about the shape of the market today as she considers the past and looks forward to the future. She sees innovation with payment providers to ease merchant connection, but the challenge is their lack of attention to merchants. In wrapping up this episode, Nico finds out what Rossini sees as the “game-changer” for the industry in 2021 with the mindset shift towards offering payments that consumers prefer. Timestamps: 0:48 Guest introduced 1:33 Rossini welcomed 4:10 Minute of praise and her time at Symantec 9:03 Call from Norton 13:23 Multiple payment providers 17:22 Symantec and cost structure 21:05 Optimal set up and her move 24:42 The shape of the market 27:15 Emerging markets, convenience, and pay later 30:50 Game-changer for 2021 32:59 Golden minute 34:32 Personal questions 39:17 Final reminder Like, share and subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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