30 minutes | May 26, 2021

Payments & Fraud Prevention as a profit center | Diarmuid Considine

Welcome to Payments and More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. Today’s guest is Diarmuid Considine (aka Consi), award-winning and internationally recognised Fraud and Risk Management Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert with two decades of strategic and operational experience. From the front line of fraud investigations all the way up to the Global Board of the Merchant Risk Council, Consi brings a passion and perspective on Profitable risk management that is always topical and relevant. Listen in to hear how to position payment and fraud as a profit center in your company, find out his opinion of fraud solution market and hear about his call to action for the industry. Find out how Consi was incentivized to come up with profiling and analytics to generate revenue that would have otherwise been blocked after his team had effectively reduced costs but had missed the target for revenue generation. How many people a company should have working on fraud and payment internally? Tune in to find out Consi’s point of view. Moving the focus to technology, he also chats about what catches his attention with considering the life cycle of a transaction. Finally, listen to Consi’s perspective on the opportunity that exists to connect the merchants and issuers. Timestamps: 0:47 Consi introduced 1:28 Consi welcomed on 3:44 Moment of praise for Consi 4:25 Fraud prevention as a profit center 7:40 Minimum of workers internally? 9:58 Will there always be fraud? 12:26 Fraud solutions necessary to preserve margins 13:30 Technology that is catching his eye 19:44 Document centric ID proofing 21:29 Schemes and alternative methods in the payment ecosystem 23:52 Golden Minute 26:58 Story of time in Bolivia 28:35 Last words Please rate this episode, share, and subscribe! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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