30 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

On the road to Asia | Elodie Trichet

Welcome to Payments & More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. Today’s guest is Elodie Trichet, who has over 16 years of International Online Payment experience across all continents for B2C & B2B business, 10 of those years with Adyen. After 11 years in the Netherlands, she relocated to Singapore 6 years ago heading up Strategic Partnership & Market development for the region. She works closely with the tech giants and multinational companies assisting them in expanding their Ecommerce footprint across the globe and enter the more exotic markets as seamless as possible. To begin, Nico asks Elodie to share her perspective regarding Asian consumer markets. She articulates some of the factors which vary from country to country, with the Philippines being an example of an economy heavily reliant on pawn shops and bartering goods to make payments. In Indonesia, she explains payments are often made at local convenience stores. Listen as Elodie explains how some of those cash-driven societies operate. Marketplaces, especially in China, have become big and more Asian merchants are now creating online commerce profiles. Elodie speaks of the acceleration of various tech platforms in Asia and the benefits of such technology. They discuss the subsequent growth of QR payments. They comment about the new generation of financial technologists, but because Southeast Asia is so regulated, Elodie believes it is difficult for them to emerge into the market. These regulations are fragmented but are slowly coming around in terms of data protection and how money is stored. In the Golden Minute, Elodie would pitch a call to action for merchants moving into the Asian market as the President of all e-commerce merchants in the world. She would urge them to come to Asia and explore the markets by themselves, get to know their customers and build strong in-person relationships. The episode draws to a close on a personal note. Elodie shares an instance in which she failed in her career when she first arrived in Asia. Timestamps 0:38 - Elodie Trichet introduced 2:46 - How Elodie got started in the industry 4:00 - Elodie’s relocation to Singapore 4:45 - Praise for Elodie 5:30 - Discussing Asian consumers 7:30 - Is there concern in Asia over growing financial digitalization? 9:05 - Is commerce possible in Asia in just a market setting? 12:55 - Growth of QR Payments 14:00 - Discussing credit cards and private vs. public payment sectors 16:20 - New generation of FinTech 19:35 - Regulations in Asia 20:36 - Golden minute 24:28 - Elodie shares a career failure 27:15 - Closing words Please rate this episode, share, and subscribe! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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