42 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

MRC - Advocacy for a better future in the Payments sector | Úna Dillon

Welcome to Payments & More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. Today’s guest is Úna Dillon who has over 25 years of experience in payments. She is the current MD Europe and Vice President of Global Expansion & Advocacy at Merchant Risk Council, a unique global organization for e-commerce payments professionals. She was recently appointed to the European Commission Payment Systems Market Expert Group (PSMEG) to advise on regulatory policies on payments and payment fraud prevention. Here she brings the Voice of the Merchant to the European Payments Regulator’s table. We will have great takeaways from Úna in this episode including the state of the payments sector, major concerns for stakeholders and the future of the payment industry. Úna is a person who likes to always keep her finger on the pulse and knowing what’s coming next. Úna talks about MRC and its ability to facilitate non-competitive discussions around changes happening in the industry. Cost, user experience, revenue, changes, and regulations are amongst the common concerns of merchants. Consumer authentication is also a growing concern. Then, Úna shares her predictions for the industry in the next 5 years. She believes data will continue in its value and present security concerns, consumer authentication will be huge, though payment regulation will be easier. The conversation takes a more personal note as Úna shares her college experience and her first post-grad job at a bank in Dublin and her secret passion for classical singing. Timestamps 0:48 - Úna Dillon introduced 2:10 - Úna welcomed on 3:16 - How Úna got started in the industry 4:05 - Explanation of MRC and their offerings 10:05 - Praise for Úna 11:18 - Úna’s time with the national debit card scheme in Ireland 15:35 - Biggest concerns of merchants right now 22:00 - Trends and new solutions emerging in the market 24:40 - Úna’s predictions for the industry in the next 5 years 27:11 - AI regulations and fraud prevention 29:08 - Golden minute 32:00 - Personal note 37:15 - Closing words and Úna’s advice Please rate this episode, share, and subscribe! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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